Beginners Guide To Keeping Chickens – Part 2 Food

Chicken and feed Photo: furtwanglThankfully, feeding chickens and keeping their nutritional needs fulfilled is simpler than housing. There are lots of formulated chicken feed available that’s scientifically proven to provide all the basic necessities of chicken nutritional needs. You can find these feeds at any feed store. Supplementing this diet isn’t necessary but chickens do enjoy it. You can feed your chickens just about anything you eat yourself- in fact many chicken keepers use their chickens to recycle and use the kitchen scraps that they don’t want so food doesn’t go to waste. Garbage kitchen scraps turned into delicious eggs? Yes please! Other supplements such as scratch grains or plain cracked corn are also other additions to the regular pellet or mash ration that you can buy. Some even plant a part of their garden just for their chickens!

You may find yourself sampling different chicken feeds to find one your flock likes best. Chicks need a special food, and layers need another kind. Thankfully the info on what to feed and when is always printed right on the bag so you know what you’re feeding.

Chicken feeder Photo: Aaron BaugherFeeders designed for chickens are readily available. Whatever way to choose to offer your feed to your flock is up to you, but the same rules apply to food- food has to be kept from getting poop in it, and it has to stay dry and fresh. And, it needs to be available to laying flocks at all times.

Water is also something that chickens need constant access to and it needs to be clean and fresh and always available. Chicken waters are easy to find. Some have to be heated to keep water from freezing solid in the winter. There are lots of DIY watering systems available to look at on the internet, as chicken keepers are never satisfied with watering systems. But, a basic bucket cleaned and filled daily works for most.

Article Source: Cheryl D. Jones

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