Building Your Own Chicken Coop

Large Chicken CoopMany people are building their own chicken coop these days. Some chicken owners also happen to be woodworking hobbyists who truly enjoy the work of creating a wood structure themselves. They may have a certain attractive design in mind for their backyards. Other people are simply looking to save money (a DIY coop can cost as little as $200 — compared to nearly $400 for a pre-built coop). Whatever the case may be, here are the steps needed to build a chicken coop.


  1. Find the plans. If you’re interested in other woodworking projects in addition to a chicken coop, Ted’s Woodworking offers 16,000 projects for $67. You’ll get well-drawn diagrams and material lists that will help you with many different building projects, coops included. If you just want a cheap, easy coop, you can try
    Building A Chicken Coop by Bill Keene for $30, Dan Kennedy’s Make Your Own Coop or check out the
    FREE designs at!


  1. 2. Get the materials. Your plan should have a materials list, but you’ll need to buy: Chicken Wire, Chemical-Free & Treated Wood, Insulation, Windows, Cinder Blocks and Shingles. You’ll need a: Tape Measure, Circular Saw, Hammer, Drill, Level, Speed Square, Tin Snips and Screws.


  1. 3. Start building! Small coops can be put together in just one afternoon, whereas more elaborate coops may take a few days. If you need help seeing how it should all come together, you might want to check out a few YouTube videos that show you how it’s done.


Also, don’t forget to call over a few friends! You’d be surprised how much work people are willing to put in for a few beers, some barbecue and good company.

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