Debate: Should Chickens Be Allowed In The City?

Chicken in the city

Arguments FOR Chickens In Cities:

  • Keeping your own chickens is wholesome, inexpensive and empowering.
  • Chickens are a sustainable way to provide eggs to families and neighbors.
  • Roosters excluded, hens are actually quieter than barking dogs.
  • Chicken droppings can make great fertilizer for communities.
  • Backyard poultry reduces one’s carbon footprint, requiring less gas to get to market.
  • You can see that your chicken is untreated with hormones, clean and safe.
  • Eggs taste better and fresher, and are also less expensive.
  • Chickens are the ideal educational pet for families.
  • They are great pest control against unwanted bugs and dispose of food scraps that may otherwise end up in landfills.

Arguments AGAINST Chickens In Cities:

  • Chickens are noisy and there is no way to silence them once they get going.
  • Chickens produce a lot of droppings, which create an unpleasant odor.
  • The birds may attract predators like raccoons, fox, coyotes, stray dogs and wild cats.
  • If improperly sealed, chicken feed attracts disease-transmitting vermin like rats.
  • A small city plot may not be enough space to raise a bunch of chickens humanely.
  • Enforcement of the law will cost cities extra money for inspection and enforcement.
  • Slaughtering chickens in the city can be disturbing and unsanitary.
  • If people stop caring for their pets, they may wind up in animal shelters.

Do you want chickens in your city? Here’s what you can do:
Visit The City Chicken website to learn more about local chicken laws and how to get your own.

Article: Jennn FusionTwitter: @jennnfusion

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