How To Get Rid Of Grubs

GrubWhat Are Grubs?

Grubs are the larva form of other insect pest. Grubs themselves can cause lawn damage and controlling them as larva may help control the adult forms of the insect.

What Problems Do Grubs Cause?

  • They eat the roots and stems of small and young plants which can cause disease and kill the plants.
  • An often over looked problem that grubs cause is they attract other pests. Many animals eat grubs and that can damage your lawn as well. One of the biggest problems is that Moles like to eat grubs and they can cause more damage than the grubs call.

How Do You Get Rid Of Or Control Grubs?


Here are some products that can help control grubs. All the links go to Yes they’re affiliate links. We have to pay bills too. 🙂
Bayer Season Long Grub Control
Bayer Season Long Grub Control Bayer Advanced 12-lb, season long grub control with Turf Revitalizer. Improved formula, treats up to 5,000 sq ft. Patented 2-in-1 formula kills Grubs all season long PLUS promotes strong roots and thicker turf. Contains Merit®.
Bayer 24 Hour Grub Control Dylox Granules
Bayer 24 Hour Grub Control Dylox Granules 24 Hour Grub Killer with Dylox *Nothing kills grubs quicker. *Ideal for stopping serious grub infestations. *Quickly works its way into the grub “kill zone.” *Does not linger in the soil like diazinon or dursban. *Kills mole crickets, sod webworms and cutworms.
32OZ Bayer Spray Grub Control
1 application of this Bayer Spray Grub Control kills grubs all season long. Apply anytime spring through late summer. Also kills mole crickets and European crane fly larvae. 32 oz. ready to use bottle. Just connect to a hose and spray. Treats 5000 sq. ft. Active: Imidacloprid (Merit).

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