DIY Chicken Feeder

Now that my chickens are outside and growing faster than ever I have found myself filling their old chicken feeder daily. Which is OK if I have the time, but as we all know life rarely gives you the time to do what you want to.

Most commercially made feeders cost around $30. I wanted to see if I could build my own DIY Chicken Feeder for less than that.

DIY Chicken Feeder
I went to Wal-Mart and bought a 5 gallon bucket and two lids.
I then drilled a series of holes around the bottom of the bucket.
I then placed some spare wood that I had on the bucket. The wood is about 1″ thick.
I then screwed the extra lid to the bottom of the bucket.
This shows you a side view of the layers.
The finished Chicken Feeder next to the origianl chicken brooder feeder.
This shows you the new feeder and the old feeder.
I then filled the bucket with feed and left it for the chickens. I think a 5 gallon bucket will hold about 25lbs of feed.

The total cost for this project was under $7.50.


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