Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Basics

April 19, 2013 admin 0

For new chicken owners, nothing can top the thrill of building a home for their beloved pets. It’s an expression of love as owners to […]

Chickens In The Classroom - Greenville SC

Live Chicken Web Camera

February 25, 2013 admin 0

Coming Soon! We expect them to begin hatching March 2017 The new chicks are getting ready to hatch; and when they do, we’ll have them […]

How To Get Rid Of Ants

May 7, 2012 admin 1

There are many different types of ants that may live in your yard. When they swarm their mounds can cover large areas of lawn. They […]


How To Get Rid Of Grubs

April 20, 2012 admin 0

What Are Grubs? Grubs are the larva form of other insect pest. Grubs themselves can cause lawn damage and controlling them as larva may help […]

Shelter for Goats

October 12, 2011 admin 0

So what makes a good shelter for goats? Goats need shelter that protects them from excessive heat, wind and rain in order to be healthy. […]