Square Foot Gardening

April 2, 2010 admin 1

Square foot gardening is the method of planning a small planted garden. This practice follows other organic gardening ideas and this method is well suited […]

Is Your Soil Ready?

March 25, 2010 admin 1

To determine whether your garden soil is ready for seeds, grab a good handful of it. If you can form it into a ball, the […]

Good Plant Companions

March 16, 2010 admin 0

Trees It takes more than good soil, sun, and nutrients to ensure success in a garden. Plants have to grow well with one another. Some […]

Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

March 16, 2010 admin 4

It is possible that there is nothing tastier than a home grown tomato picked right off of the vine. There is a world of difference […]